To all those who support hunting with Hounds - Welcome to Hunting Memories

As we enter into a new year we can only hope that everyone will do what they are supposed to do rather than as they like to do and that guidance and regulation will be taken seriously by all.

Hunting Memories has all sorts of items suitable for hunting people to help pass the time. Jigsaw puzzles featuring hunting scenes once used to be commonplace and filled in the long hours and days in those times before the internet and the collective urge to study i-phones 24 hours a day became the norm.
We are always adding to our stock of hunting puzzles and have a selection needing varying skill levels.

Our glass hunting sets starting at £34.99 make ideal cake toppers and are a treasured gift for all hunting people.

We also have a full set of all the Country Gentlemen figurines for sale.

*+P&P options available

Latest Products

"Mind the Bull" a vintage study of sheer panic.

"Mind the Bull" a vintage study of sheer panic.

18 CM X 12 CM
Framed 'wash' print in original frame.
It's one of these 'life flashes before your eyes' situations.

Hare Band

Hare Band

Enjoy Easter (or any other time) with a German Hare Band.

Each figure is 8.50 cm High


The water jump' a hunting calendar from 1908

The water jump' a hunting calendar from 1908

45  cm W

38  cm H

Vintage Hunting 1908 Hunting Calendar with Image by Sanderson Wells

Given out by Richard Harding of Carlisle.

Very rare, great condition for its age.