To all those who support hunting with Hounds - Welcome to Hunting Memories

"Try hard"!
If you've ever sat outside of a cover listening to the crackling of the undergrowth you'll have heard this cry probably repeated until the first whimper followed by a crash of glorious music........ and the day begins!

Hunting Memories has always tried hard to find those things in all shapes and sizes which were commonplace at one time and featured hunting with hounds. 
The sort of things we try to bring to you are the everyday things with a hunting theme which these days are becoming rare as the countryside becomes increasingly urbanized, and traditional ways of life are no longer popular in our politically correct and ever more 'woke' society.

The items on  our site represent the memories of hunting people and we offer them to you in the hope that you as hunting people will use them to keep our memories of hunting and even hunting itself alive.

We have has all sorts of items suitable for hunting people . Jigsaw puzzles featuring hunting scenes once used to be commonplace and filled in the long hours and days in those times before the internet and the collective urge to study i-phones 24 hours a day became the norm.
We are always adding to our stock of hunting puzzles and have a selection needing varying skill levels.

Our glass hunting sets starting at £34.99 make ideal cake toppers and are a treasured gift for all hunting people.

We also have a full set of all the Country Gentlemen figurines for sale.

*+P&P options available

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