To all those who support hunting with Hounds - Welcome to Hunting Memories

Stay Safe

We find that once again our country way of life is threatened by pestilence, only this time it  isn't directed at our livestock, it's target is us!

Not since the Black Death stalked our shores have we seen such a horrible plague and once again we must face it sensibly and practically.

Everyone must play their individual part in minimising any risk element for spreading this virus and ensure that separation and isolation is strictly maintained at all times whenever neccessary.

In the countryside we are used to coping with isolation coupled with the level of care and support we need to extend to each other when it is needed without compromising anyone's safety and security.

We will get through this. We will be stronger for it. We will once more hear the cry of our hounds and the sound of the horn in our countryside once it has gone.

And when it has gone;....a hunting we will go!

Latest Products

Chef Bunny King of the Cuisine

Chef Bunny King of the Cuisine

Chef Bunny is the first in our series of 'Unusual Bunnies'.
He is offered to you to cater for the legal Beagling fraternity.
70 cm High

Do you need culinary advice from Chef Bunny in your kitchen?

Ponda Traditional Wooden Hunting Jigsaw Puzzle

Ponda Traditional Wooden Hunting Jigsaw Puzzle

A traditional Hunting puzzle 200 pieces, 'Drink up!''

Puzzle 32 cm X 25 cm approx
Box    36  cm X 29 cm
Plywood Puzzle complete

Retro style Hunting Tray

Retro style Hunting Tray

Sanderson Wells Image in a retro style Hunting Tray

Highly unusual & very collectable

Tray    45 X 33CM

Image 24 X 18 CM