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Happy Christmas

Christmas will soon be upon us again and although we find ourselves currently in lockdown with hunting suspended, we will nevertheless look forward to better times as we prepare for the Yule season. 

Hunting Memories has all sorts of gifts suitable for hunting people including English pewter Jorrocks figurines at £59* right up to a giant Merrythought huntsman fox at £999*

Our glass hunting sets starting at £34.99 make ideal Christmas gifts as well as cake toppers and are a treasured gift for all hunting people.

We also have a full set of all the Country Gentlemen figurines for sale.

Please order in time for Christmas delivery.
 *+P&P options available

Latest Products

'Cubbing' an alternative way of hunting

'Cubbing' an alternative way of hunting

9.00cm H 8.00cm Base
'Cubbing' figurine by Grays of Aldridge
Hunting with a difference
A Hunting we will go

A Hunting we will go

24:00 cm X 22:00 CM

A Victorian 'cartoon' book based on Fielding's poem 'A hunting we will go', first given as a Christmas present in1895.
You can sing along with it if you like:

 The dusky night rides down the sky,
  and ushers in the morn,
  The hounds all join in glorious cry,
  The huntsman winds his horn,
  And a hunting we will go.......
Boxed Set of 2 Hunting Scenes Glasses

Boxed Set of 2 Hunting Scenes Glasses

Box 11 x 08 x 05 CM

Glasses 6cm H 4.50cm W (Rim)

Boxed sets of Hunting themed shot glasses are becoming rare